Hoima Pastor arrested after video shows him flogging his church ushers

Police in Hoima are holding Prophet Denis Kintu after a video circulated online showing him apparently flogging his church ushers.

Kintu of the Empowerment City Church located along the paved Hoima-Kaiso-Tonya road in Kyesiga cell, West Division, Hoima city was arrested on Wednesday evening.

In a video which The Albertine Journal has obtained, Kintu is seen holding a cane in his right hand and a microphone on the other hand. He is then overheard ordering all church ushers to move forward and be punished.

“Every minister (usher) come forward…go down…..very fast” ordered Kintu who was donned in a red shirt with a navy blue waistcoat and trouser. The believers obeyed moving one by one to the man of God as he served them the prophetic canes.

Kintu is also overheard telling the flock that he is ready to take them through the same experience again if they don’t write down what he asked them to do.

Though the assigned task is not well established in a 2:50 minute video, Kintu is again heard uttering discriminative tribal comments against Banyoro.

“I told you that i am not a Munyoro,….I came from the army. Hurry… will not sabotage me… These are demons which deserve to go with canes and whoever misses my cane, I don’t want to find you at church and never touch on Kintu’s microphone,” the self-styled prophet added.

There is still unsubstantiated claims as to why Kintu canned the church ushers. However, sources allege that the ushers failed to note down names of would be contributors towards construction of the said church.

Other sources say he was allegedly exorcising demons of sexual immorality out of them.

But during an interrogation, sources have intimated, Kintu revealed that he was following the example of Jesus in the bible when he (Jesus) whipped money changers who had turned the Jerusalem temple into a place of sinfulness and greed.

The Albertine Journal counted a total of 30 followers majority ladies being given between one and three canes on their buttocks while laying down.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine Region police spokesperson on Thursday confirmed Kintu’s arrest and other five people said to be ushers in the church

Hakiza said a general inquiry file has been opened at Hoima central Police station.

Meanwhile, Hoima Grade One Magistrates Court, later in the day, remanded Kintu to Hoima prison until September 7, when he will re-appear before the same court for trial.

Elijah Erandukunda, the presiding magistrate said Kintu is being charged with 17 counts among others: common assault, assault hence causing body harm, trafficking in persons and promoting sectarianism.

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