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Africa’s agribusiness sector should drive the continent’s economic development: Five reasons why

Africa’s agriculture sector accounts for about 35% of the continent’s gross domestic product, and provides the livelihood of more than 50% of the continent’s population. These shares are more than double those of the world average and much higher than those of any other emerging region. Dependence on agriculture has declined in other emerging regions. For example, in Southeast […]

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My child isn’t happy with their final exam results. How can I support them?

Every January, the day arrives that South Africans know can decide their fates: the “matric” exam results are announced. In 2022, 753,964 full-time and 167,915 part-time candidates registered to write the secondary school exit exam – the largest cohort ever. They’ll receive the results on 20 January 2023. Many probably feel ambivalent about this massive moment in […]