IGP Katsigazi: Police to bolster security in oil-rich Albertine Graben

Inspector General of Police (IGP), Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Tumusiime Katsigazi, has expressed his commitment to overcome manpower and logistical constraints, enhancing capacity to safeguard Uganda’s oil-rich Albertine Graben and investors.

Speaking to journalists following an inter-agency security summit at Resort Hotel in Hoima City on Friday, March 22, Katsigazi emphasised the significance of oil as a vital national asset.

“While oil promises economic advancement, we recognise not everyone welcomes Uganda’s newfound oil wealth. Anticipating potential challenges is crucial to ensuring oil benefits our nation rather than becoming a curse,” he noted.

Assessing the security situation after consultations with local authorities, Katsigazi noted relative calm, with only isolated incidents reported.

He affirmed plans to document these findings for bosses, advocating for necessary reinforcements to strengthen security forces in the oil-rich region.

Utilising a multi-faceted approach, including the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Uganda Police, Prisons, and Internal and External Security Organisations, Katsigazi underscored the comprehensive nature of their security operations.

Emphasizing the importance of maritime security, particularly in Lake Albert, he acknowledged existing equipment but highlighted the need for modernised resources to combat piracy effectively.

Despite the establishment of an oil and gas unit in 2014, equipped with specialised skills, Katsigazi acknowledged ongoing challenges.

These include threats such as terrorism, sabotage, and piracy, impacting not only oil operations but also the livelihoods of fishermen and the protection of human rights.

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