Masindi woman arrested for pouring hot cooking oil on husband

Police are holding a 32-year-old woman for allegedly burning her husband with hot cooking oil.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson has identified the suspect as Eunice Kiiza, a resident of Bubanda village, Kitamba parish, Bwijanga sub-county, Masindi district.

The incident which happened on April 29 at around 10:00pm followed a domestic quarrel with her husband identified as Benard Achidri, a resident of the same area. Kiiza accused Achidri of cheating on her with other women in the same vicinity.

Kiiza is said to have prepared hot cooking oil as the quarrel went on that she later poured on her husband’s body. Achidri was burnt on the head, face, chest and neck.

Achidri made an alarm which attracted his neighbours who rushed him to Bwijanga health centre III for treatment.

Hakiza said the enraged Kiiza does not want Achidiri to associate with any woman in the area as well as members of his family.

Kiiza immediately fled the marital home. Police started hunting for her after Achidiri’s relatives filed a case.

Hakiza said they arrested her on Wednesday. Kiiza was by Friday still being detained at Masindi central police station on charges of causing grievous harm.

According to the police annual crime report of 2020,it indicates that a total of 18,872 people were victims of domestic violence, of whom 3,408 were male adults, 13,145 female adults and 1,133 male juveniles while 1,186 were female juveniles.

The report showed that domestic violence was highest in the Albertine Region in 2020, followed by East Kyoga.

Regions with the least cases of domestic violence in 2020 were CID headquarters with 28 cases, followed by Wamala with 84 , Rwenzori East 94, Busoga North had 188, Kidepo with 211 and Katonga registered 231 cases.  

It is from this background that the Albertine region police spokesperson is advising other men being silently tortured by their wives not to be shy but rather report such cases to police in order to be helped.

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