UPDF strikes four ADF hideouts in Congo

President Yoweri Museveni recently announced that Uganda has achieved notable progress in its efforts against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a group he often refers to as terrorists.

This development follows a series of airstrikes conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) on Friday.

Taking to his official social media platform X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday, October 15, Museveni reported that the Uganda People Defence Forces (UPDF) deployed fighter-bombers to strike four ADF locations at varying distances from the Uganda-DR Congo border.

“These points were at: 72 kilometres, 120 kilometres, 69 kilometres and 130 kilometres from the border on the Bundibugyo-Semiliki side. It seems quite a number of terrorists were killed,” Museveni added.

As a consequence, he added, the terrorists are running from DR Congo which they thought was heaven and re-entering Uganda and trying to commit some random terrorist acts.

In the aftermath of these operations, the President pointed out that the terrorists have been fleeing from DR Congo, which they previously regarded as a safe haven, and attempting to carry out sporadic acts of terror within Uganda.

Museveni mentioned an attack on a truck transporting onions to a market just 12 kilometres from the border near Bweera, Kasese, which may have been orchestrated by such elements.

Museveni issued a public alert, urging citizens to be vigilant and report any suspicious individuals who enter their communities.

He advised residents to contact the nearest police authorities if they encounter unfamiliar people, even including long-absent relatives, as they might be affiliated with these terrorist elements.

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