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What are some cool facts that most of us don’t know?

  • A person who says “trust me” are ones that shouldn’t be trusted.
  • The more you talk to someone the more likely you are to fall in love.
  • Love at first site is nothing but infatuation.
  • A person who tells many white lies will tell much bigger ones if you give them the chance.
  • Setting a boundary isn’t being an asshole, it’s called self-care.
  • Many define success with money, until the money is gone.
  • Luck can happen by accident once or twice, any more than that, it’s no longer an accident. It’s where preparation meets opportunity.
  • The partners you choose aren’t the problem, it’s the person staring back at you in the mirror.
  • “It’s only $3.” $3 a day is is over a $1000 a year or, 5 years over $5000, make the coffee yourself.
  • Those who experience the most shame are the ones that have the least reason to feel shame.
  • Those that swear a lot tend to me more loyal, upfront and honest.
  • Keep your goals to yourself. Your less likely to achieve the goal if you tell others
  • Some of the funniest people suffer from the most sadness.
  • Authentic people are more likely to be taken advantage of by toxic people. Toxic people crave authenticity.
  • No man wants a woman who is accessible to every man.
  • You will reach the age where you can easily tell that the relationship is not going to work just by the conversation.
  • If you have to beg someone to do the bare minimum for you and if you have to keep telling them how you deserved to be treated better then for goodness sake. LEAVE. It’s not worth your peace.
  • Don’t ignore the red flags you see at the beginning. The red flags you ignore trying to see the good in people WILL cost you later.
  • Just because a person keeps you around doesn’t mean they love you; remember, people, buy cats just to get rid of rats.
  • If SEX is all you are about in a relationship, then it means you are actually empty. A healthy relationship is about purpose! Sharing visions and values together.
  • In life, you need to learn to stop opening doors for toxic people and giving them room in your mind, and calling it “seeking closure!” You’re delaying your healing process.
  • Avoid the damaged, the unhappy, and the unlucky.
  • Anger opens the mouth and shuts the mind.
  • As a woman, understand that men will say and do anything to sleep with you. Look at the actions, don’t be blinded by words. Anyone can talk a good game, but it takes a real ball player to play one.

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