A modern House Boy 

By Hope Christopher

There’s nothing as tricky as bringing up a family. A family means: father, mother and siblings together rhyming and having coordination at all times.

Have you wondered one of these days why children are getting partisan at home?

I mean children siding with one party in most cases and hate the other. The hate has come due to the legalized authority that has been offered to one of the specie.

As if in the earliest of years it was she that started building the Ark to escape the deadly flood that claimed a variation of lives!

As if it was her who led the children of Israel from slavery to the Promised Land.

The agony of power is when it can’t be exercised, when home means a court martial where you are already condemned no matter the lawyer.

Today most men are living a life of a suffering servant, they suffer the effects of matriarchs, the effects of an empowered female specie, species who are backed up left, right and centre.

Species who are neither humble nor submissive! Species who lack godliness!

They are the masters at home, at the shop and in the market deputised by the siblings and now the husbands are the modern house boys who have access to the master bedroom but always face penalties for not being obedient to the mistress at home as well as to the great cloud of witnesses.

Men are dying in silence and there is no one to help, not even the police. 

Please come and be a voice to the suffering giant, a modern house boy.

The Writer is Theologist

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Great observation. As a teacher of gender studies together with my students while at KIU an observation was made by a young international Moslim student in 2017 that ‘one day the world will have men carrying burners requesting for their rights’ especially in countries where the western cultures have been adopted without any controls. The modern home has bugged disrespectful behaviors for children and we are doing nothing about it…. this gesture we have adopted will have us distort a social linkage which raised children as a community and chose to raise the child without throwing the stick.

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