Hoima Chairperson insists on ‘controversial’ Vice Chairman nominee

The Hoima district LC5 Chairperson, Uthiman Mubarak Mugisa, has stood firm on his decision to nominate John Kwemara, the Kisukuma sub-county councilor, as his vice chairman despite the council’s rejection.

This decision comes after the council meeting held on Thursday at the district headquarters in Kasingo Cell, West Division in Hoima City, where Kwemara’s nomination was met with disapproval due to alleged misconduct.

The rejection of Kwemara as the district Vice-Chairperson followed the display of a video by Hoima youth Councilor Keneth Kwolekya, showing him (Kwemara) hitting a fellow councilor with a white plastic chair during a disagreement in the council, which occurred on February 24, 2022.

Kwemara. Photo: Robert Atuhairwe/The Albertine Journal.

Mugisa cited the Local Government Act Chapter 243, 18 Clause (3a), which states that a person nominated to the executive committee can only be rejected three times with reasonable grounds for the rejection to stand.

According to Mugisa, the video evidence provided did not constitute reasonable grounds for rejecting Kwemara’s nomination.

Mugisa, 24, who last month won a by-election to become the district chairperson, emphasised the need to move beyond political disputes that have resurfaced even after the electoral process ended.

The by-election was triggered by the tragic death of the incumbent district chairperson, Kadiri Kirungi, in a car crash on April 17. Kirungi happened to be Mugisa’s father.

The Hoima district Speaker, Swaibu Nyangabyaki, who presided over the council meeting, supported the decision to reject Kwemara, stating, “It is only a mad person who can lift a chair and hit an honourable member on the floor of the council.”

Kwemara defended his actions, claiming that he intervened to restore calm in the heated council meeting.

He also suggested that there may be a concerted effort by some members to undermine the new district chairperson.

The council also rejected James Mugenyi Mulindambura, who had served as the secretary for Works, Production, and Natural Resources for the past seven years.

Mugisa. Courtesy Photo.

The rejection was based on allegations of forgery, with Councilor Christopher Bahemurwaki arguing that a convict of forgery should not head the production department.

Hellen Mulumba, the female workers’ representative, was appointed as the new Secretary for Finance and Economic Planning, replacing Geoffrey Komaketch.

Hillary Tumusiime, a councilor for Kyabigambire sub-county, was appointed as the Secretary for Social Services, replacing Naome Koojo, while Felix Afoyorwoth, a councilor for Bombo sub-county, took over the role of production, works, and natural resources from Mulindambura.

Mulindambura, Komaketch, and Chiche were recently convicted in the Anti-Corruption Court on charges of forgery for falsifying executive committee minutes to authorise the hiring of road equipment to private individuals.

Each of them was sentenced to pay a cash fine of sh5M. If approved in the next council meeting, Kwemara will replace Benson Chiche as vice chairman.

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