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Don’t hibernate Bunyoro, at least vibrate it

In the recent 3 months, Bunyoro has been challenged by appeals for cessations. In our history, we knew Bunyoro for annexing other territories.

Well, the question is not whether we should discuss annexation or cessation of loyalty of greater Kibaale or Buliisa or the new looming Kiryandongo but asking ourselves what is causing this.

For record purposes, never has Bunyoro been strategically positioned both politically and economically than now.

Actually, Bunyoro is better connected in both government and state today. Bunyoro has a strategic city though soon turning into Soweto slum.

Bunyoro has excellent roads connecting both its districts and most sub counties though not used for active production.

The oil and gas sector that would otherwise shape public discourse has become a hearsay and therefore Bunyoro is still a spectator in this industry.

Not many serious questions are being asked by Bunyoro. Actually, Bunyoro is still a spectator in the extractive industry for Uganda. I am hesitant to write about the only known family now deemed to offer top political leadership for Uganda.

Bunyoro still has no demands and expectations even if the next government was generated from either the opposition or Museveni’s current family.

I have asked friends why Bunyoro is such a political docile. To many, the answers are in our leadership.

For this reason, I appeal to whoever is in our leadership not to hibernate Bunyoro. At least vibrate it.

Hibernation is a state of slumber of any society or machine. When a gadget or machine hibernates, it is confusing.

It is neither on nor off but can’t function. It appears to have power but is less useful. It is spectating in everything.

Bunyoro has become a consumer of everything that the government brings. I will not make any submission regarding Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom for most of the leaders think that commenting about it is commenting about them.

We must question the engagement approach Bunyoro used and continue to use. Bunyoro thinks that they can dialogue and use lobbying as the only engagement strategy.

Well, it is the most sane and civil approach in modern times. However, dialogue and lobbying only works only in a normal and democratic system where those in power appreciate positive compromise and are honest to fulfil commitments.

Bunyoro has lost out on this for the same reason. For example, Bunyoro cannot account for the strategic important things like a University, business in oil and gas, preparation of the people to produce, serious political appointments in government and interlia.

Bunyoro has become a place settling for less and even if this less is not given, no voice is up there to pressurize those with both power and authority to prioritize Bunyoro.

A seed of fear is being planted to the extent that no one is correcting and questioning those in authority. Did you know for example that no one questions the Prime Minister just because she comes from Bunyoro? According to Bunyoro, she, like Museveni, is always right.

My appeal is for Bunyoro to engage the second gear. The gear of advocacy and activism. The gear of hot engagement on issues that matter.

For example, having a prime minister from Bunyoro is different from having a prime minister who overturn influence tables.

We now need more activism movements than ever before. Those yielding power should start appreciating the need for pressure informal groupings to help them in their lobbying.

You cannot claim to lobby yet there is no pressure from below. I actually empathize with Bunyoro.

 If no activism is built around issues of Bunyoro, Bunyoro will become a cemetery of great men who did nothing for the might of their areas but held positions of influence in both state and government.

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom will continue making strategic mistakes for they have begun operating in a leizefaire mood with no movement engaging them as no serious movement is engaging other actors as well.

I have for strategic reasons reserved the strategies of vibrating Bunyoro. This is a discussion for another day. What is key is that Bunyoro should not be seen speaking the same political language, should not be expecting favours but merit.

Those holding political positions must be engaged to prove and exercise their power. Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom now needs more positive pressure to make it work.

The state will only look at Bunyoro if there is a voice that is thinking for Bunyoro more than Uganda. We must make choices; either to become slaves or heroes, never can Bunyoro achieve both.

In this journey of vibrating Bunyoro, we need the leadership to differentiate between the love for Bunyoro and the love for their political parties.

We must appreciate that not all will understand it now but will appreciate it later. Some leaders will need to be sacrificial lambs but those in leadership must understand that these are their strategic safeguards at all times.

Otherwise, I see Bunyoro in the near future as a political limbo for all the good that we shall have lost for having chosen hibernation.

The next generation will not even vibrate and history and the future will be in conflict.

I thank you

The writer is a Junior Citizen and Life Coach, raised with patriotic spirit for Bunyoro. 

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