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How the year ends is insignificant if you don’t reflect and plan

There are two fundamental things in life; planning and reflection. These are critical to shaping how we all make decisions and repeat or learn from our mistakes.

At the end of each year, people are persuaded to make annual resolutions, annual plans and refocus their organisations.

Few do the same for their dear lives. For this reason, some people get stuck on their jobs, on their past challenges and each year they repeat their life challenges.

The Chinese say if you are beaten by a snake, it’s not your problem. It only becomes your problem if the same snake bites you the second time.

I have seen people selling their property each year. I have seen people borrowing money to cater for their life basics each term.

I have also seen most elders cursing their children for not supporting them at old age. I have seen people becoming broke every month.

This is partly due to the fact that we end the years with plans but not reflect. I have facilitated 2 reflection meetings for some people and three review meetings for some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and company teams.

My message has always been that reflect, reflect an reflect. Whenever you are reflecting, get an external facilitator to honestly guide your reflection.

Don’t console yourself. I can tell you that “how the year ends is insignificant if you don’t reflect and plan”.

According to the American business school research 2019, over 86% of those who make resolutions don’t attain more than 45% of them because they do a lot of planning without reflection. This morning, I task you to reflect on some of the things you do.

Reflect on your approaches, strategies, purpose, mission, passion, agenda and impact on society. It is this reason that I am a human rights defender. Every time I reflect, my mind takes me to others. I think and feel their plight.

I therefore call upon you to reflect on your present. Focus on your tomorrow. Learn from your past.

Let the journey not be moved by accident. Your life is so precious to just live it.

If you don’t reflect as the year ends, you will repeat the same mistakes and you won’t experience the same luck and opportunities that fell because of the environment.

This is not time for just eating meat and dining. This is not a moment of taking children to the beach or out. Don’t just think about festivities.

Life must be guided. Invest in your reflection and plan your life. It’s funny that most people spend quality time planning for their lives and fail to plan their lives.

Let your family appreciate the direction you want to take it. If you don’t create a platform for reflection at family or households’ level, the children will sell your dream before you even die. They will transact the assets that you are planning for and investing.

Your entire household must be made to realize that your life is agenda lived. It should be able to engage and contribute to a big family future and purpose.

If you don’t reflect now, your children will demand for their share of your wealth before you die.

They will sell and divide all your wealth in the first 1 year after your death. The life we live is shaped by how we build and consolidate your 200 years agenda into your current team. These must include your dear wife, children, line relatives, and associates, among others. I know most of us live a one season life.

However, for us to be able to live at least 50 years after our demise, we must reflect on the 200 years journey.

Like my mentor professor taught me about publishing or perishing, I now say either reflect or vanish your entire generation with your end of life.

I thank you

The writer is a Junior Citizen, Life Coach, and Lead Mentor for young leaders. He also serves as the Executive Director of RDP Uganda, a youth focused empowerment organisation.

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