Is the respect for Bunyoro at question?

Whereas Bunyoro Kitara-Kingdom is supposed to be non-partisan, it is surely meant to be political.

Apolitical societies only attract fools to lead them. Bunyoro must decide whether to shape leadership or the political leadership to shape it towards the direction of disrespect, following and extinction.

I have opted to be humble. My sibling normally tells me that Bunyoro is under attack. The leadership at Bunyoro Kitara-Kingdom has taken the direction of following not leading.

The kingdom thinks that we can only use lobbying without advocacy or activism. Bunyoro can be infiltrated and annexed since we have no advocacy wing.

The litmus test is that we must ask ourselves whether we must be respected or not.

The Kingdom has remained in petty or simple engagements. Anybody can do ordinary things. Hope we don’t run the kingdom like a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

Elsewhere, cultural kingdoms including small groups like Kooki’s Kamuswaga have appreciated that culture dictates leadership, decision making, appointments, respect and other critical social processes.

For this reason, I still ask whether the respect for Bunyoro is at question. Why should a seemingly diverse community in Bunyoro respect Bunyoro Kitara- Kingdom.

For example, in most decision-making processes, the kingdom has either opted for silence or no guidance.

There is a time when the leadership at the kingdom must take a stand. I can even respect a bad stand for as long as it serves the best interest of Bunyoro.

For example, the entire Hoima district has decided to vote for alternative political thinking.

The kingdom subjects do not understand whose interests all the six LC5 by-election candidates represent? Do they appear to serve the interests of Bunyoro or the Kampala administration?

Very soon, we shall have leaders fighting Bunyoro, abusing Bunyoro, insulting the king, leaders selling Bunyoro, leaders championing other people’s interests.

We must get serious. A leader of LC5 Chairperson’s nature has capacity to champion a motion of breakaway of Bunyoro.

Some local governments have done this in Buliisa. The Kingdom must become serious. If we sleep on duty, we shall have another “Omutembengwa” in the making in each district of Bunyoro.

For example, Hoima district where a by-election is being held has less than a half of its population not speaking the indigenous Runyakitara.

If we realize that the kingdom is apolitical and irrelevant, it will be easy for the forces against Bunyoro to mobilse against Bunyoro and therefore seek for another district-based kings and kingdoms.

Relevance is best communicated through the focus and direction the leadership portrays.  

The leaders, who can be shaped by external forces can even seek to annex the entire Buseruka, Kabaale and greater Kigorobya from Bunyoro and boost the Obutebengwa if not form another kingdom. If Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom opts to keep quiet, people shall invest in money and other resources to champion other people’s interests against Bunyoro.

A sleepy Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom attracts aggression from the subjects. The silence of the kingdom leadership is equivalent to a war against Bunyoro. For now, Bunyoro is telling us to consume anything.

Only naïve people can do this. If the kingdom leaders, elders of Bunyoro decide to be led, the political leaders with an agenda to transact Bunyoro will lead Bunyoro to destruction and the entire culture of Bunyoro to extinction.

Is the respect for Bunyoro at question? We shall question our relevance at all times and whoever decides to offer leadership with no direction from the kingdom leadership will challenge the respect for Bunyoro.

I have asked for the reasons to respect Bunyoro leadership for I know that without direction and no crafted agenda to follow, the elected leaders risk taking Bunyoro to the slave trade market and betrayal.

I thank you.

Bbiira Kiwanuka Nassa is passionate and concerned about the future of Bunyoro and appreciates that leadership has the potential to build or destroy Bunyoro. 

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