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Raila outraged as Winnie Odinga’s car allegedly shot at by police

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has condemned an alleged attack on his daughter Winnie claiming her car was shot at during Monday’s protests.

The Opposition leader shared photos of what appeared like a bullet hole on the vehicle on his Twitter account claiming police shot at the car.

“This illegitimate regime has consistently shown animosity towards my daughter Winnie, and today they wasted no time in attacking her vehicle,” Raila said.

Winnie was part of Raila’s convoy as he traversed the streets of Nairobi and its environs to condemn alleged Kenya Kwanza excesses. 

Raila said no matter the scales of intimidation, they will not relent in their quest to hold the William Ruto regime accountable. 

“Such shameful conduct should not be tolerated, but we refuse to be intimidated. Ruto and his team should be ashamed of themselves,” he said.

Raila had earlier declared that anti-Ruto demos will be held every Monday. 

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